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Ezy2c Z-8 GPS Tracker

Z-8 GPS Tracker with Long-Life Battery

The Z-8 is a fully sealed hardwired GPS tracking device with a Lithium-Ion 5200mAp back-up battery which can easily be installed into trailers and plant and equipment with the need for a large back-up battery. The typical life of the back-up battery with 1 position per day (whilst disconnected from power) is 6 months from a full charge.

The Z-8 has a water resistant enclosure (rated to IP 66) and comes with a superior internal antenna for accurate location tracking. The Z-8 has 2 digital Inputs including ignition, a 3 axis accelerometer for monitoring driver behaviour and is suitable for installation in or on any 12 or 24 volt mobile vehicle or machinery.

The Z-8 focuses on knowing where your vehicles are LIVE, where you have been, how you got there, arrival and departures times, time on site and theft and recovery.

The Ezy2c GPS Solution is optimised for PC, Tablets or Smart Phones and can provide live alerting for geo-fence (work sites, depots) un-authorised exits.

The Ezy2c GPS Tracking Dashboard makes it simple to run history reports which concentrate on; Machine and Vehicle Usage, Dry Hire Utilisation, Engine Hours, Time Sheet Verification, On-site Hours and much more. No matter what the application, the Z-8 will increase your visibility across your Plant and Equipment and decrease the costs and risks associated when managing mobile resources.

Features & benefits

Internal Lithium-Ion 5200mAp back-up batteryTrack vehicles and assets which may be left un-attended for long periods of time
IP 66 Water Resistant EnclosureFlexibility to install across all types of vehicles, plant and assets with outdoor exposure
Discrete size – 54 x 110 x 40 mmProvides the most sophisticated anti-theft tool yet devised
Hardwired installation“Peace of mind” knowing the device cannot be unplugged or tampered with
Ezy2c Web Interface
Live Location (60 sec updates)Live tracking of 1 or more vehicles on the same dashboard view. (see below)
Google Mapping & ImageryRecognised as the most superior mapping technology available which also includes Google Street View and Google Traffic
Fleet Summary ReportConcise reporting of valuable fleet information in summary form
Time Sheet Verification ReportEliminate paying unnecessary overtime
Time On Site ReportsVerify service delivery and provide truth in client invoicing.
Client Visit Frequency ReportIncrease staff productivity and ensure adequate service delivery
Service Due Report and Alert by km’s or Engine HoursEliminates manual notification by driver and ensures compliance with vehicle servicing intervals
Scheduled ReportingAutomated reports sent directly to your inbox
Visual ‘Cookie Trail’ ReportsReplay routes driven and confirm the most efficient practices are maintained
Unlimited Geo-FencingName your customer, homes, offices and work sites which enables you to run reports based on visits, arrival and departure as well as Alert for unauthorised departures


  • Speeding Alert
  • Excess Idle Alert
  • Tamper Alert
  • Service Due Alert
  • Vehicle Voltage Low Alert
  • Ignition Curfew Alert
  • Harsh Braking Alert
  • Excess Cornering Alert
  • Excess Acceleration Alert
  • Geo-Fence Enter Alert
  • Geo-Fence Exit Alert
  • Geo Fence Speeding Alert

Screen Shots

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