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transport - fleet management services

Transport – Fleet Management Services

Many Transport companies have recognised the need for new ways of managing their fleets and being able to combine these with new business opportunities that improve profitability, customer service, safety and compliance which is fundamental to any successful transport business.

It is well recognised that it is crucial in the transport industry to always know the status and whereabouts of the freight you are carrying. By monitoring each of your vehicles using GPS Tracking, operational staff can locate assets, allocate tasks, improve efficiencies and provide improved customer service. The Ezy2c solution can provide up to date information on time & distances travelled, routes taken, manage driver fatigue, provide engine management data and schedule maintenance and serving of assets.

Unfortunately there are still too many companies who are currently not monitoring their workforce and assets effectively, resulting in poor utilisation, safety/security issues, breaches in regulations and unauthorised use of vehicles.

It has long been an established and proven fact that GPS Tracking and the critical information gathered can be used to:

  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve security
  • Reduce fleet size
  • Enhance planning
  • Increase utilisation
  • Comply with regulation

Ezy2c started out in the heavy vehicle tracking industry in the late 1990’s and have been pioneers in developing best of breed, Australian designed and developed GPS Tracking and Fleet management software for the transport industry.

Many of Australia’s best known transport companies use Ezy2c GPS Tracking and Fleet Management services due to the high levels of functionality, dependable customer service and competitive pricing.

“We believe GPS tracking supplied by Ezy2c has improved the efficiency of truck scheduling within our operations. The system enables us to monitor trip times and speeds on certain road conditions”

Brian Smith, Managing Director
Brian Smith Timber Transport