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Personal Ezy2c Solutions

Personal Tracking Solutions

Ezy2c have developed a Revolutionary Vehicle Alarm with Cool Tools.

Online GPS Tracking is the ultimate in automotive security, allowing you to find your vehicle in an instant and get reports on speeding, distances, trips and much more via the Web, Email and/or SMS.

24*365 Real-time Alarm Monitoring System for your vehicle

More information on the Ezy2c vehicle alarm Sophisticated Hand Held GPS Tracker and Mobile Phone

The EZ223 is a revolutionary hand held tracking technology that allows you to monitor and map individuals in REAL TIME online, anywhere in the world, utilising secure password access.

  • View location of individuals from a single dashboard login
  • Customisable reporting functions
  • Emergency SOS button
  • Ability to make phone calls to pre-programmed numbers
  • silent call function (where programmed) allowing the ability to covertly listen to the device

More information on the EZ223 hand held GPS Tracker and mobile phone Customised Mobile Phone Tracker

SafeTcell is a customised Ezy2c software application designed to run on all mobile phones using a unique reporting algorithm.

SafeTcell acquires its positions according to the angle you are going, the speed you are going and the distance you have gone. All of these are combined to provide an accurate picture of your current location, which is then replicated on the user-friendly Ezy2c dashboard.

More information on the Mobile Phone Solution