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Mining Ezy2c Solutions

Mining – SOS Remote Workers Tracking

The mining industry is a challenging business with demanding safety issues.

Ezy2c have developed a unique GPS Tracking product which utilises both mobile phone network and communication satellite network ensuring coverage is provided in the most remote locations.

This important breakthrough, combined with an emergency SOS feature, offers peace of mind for remote workers and makes Ezy2c an essential partner for the mining industry. Fleet managers can monitor several aspects of vehicle telemetry and driver behaviour, improving compliance with company and industry safety standards. By installing GPS Tracking, companies can ensure expensive fleet equipment is being utilised more effectively and efficiently.

It has long been established that GPS real-time information gathered from the management of assets can be used to:

  • Monitor driving patterns and identify unsafe practices such as speeding, excessive idling or harsh braking
  • Receive rollover alerts and SOS alerts
  • Get alerts when vehicles or machinery are used outside of authorised hours or in undesignated locations
  • Deploy and track assets and isolated mobile workers effectively
  • Track non-powered assets using self-powered GPS units
  • Eliminate unauthorised use of equipment