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Reporting – Fleet Management

The ability to receive data across your fleet in real-time, enables you to adapt to any adverse conditions and always remain one step ahead.

This not only makes your job a lot easier, it also allows you to have an edge on the competition.

The Ezy2c fleet management system provides customised and robust on-demand reporting that ensures you are in the driving seat and have exactly the information you need when you want it. This improves efficiency, reduces operating and maintenance costs and gives you total control over your mobile assets.

The Ezy2c fleet management system allows you to locate your vehicles on a map in seconds and is incredibly easy to use. A full reporting suite lets you download and review reports in real-time, as well as schedule reports to be automatically generated and sent to any email address.

Reports Include

  • All Positions Report
  • Location History Report
  • Demurrage Report
  • Excess Idle Report
  • Driver Scorecard Report
  • Vehicle Scorecard Report
  • Service Due Report
  • Fatigue Management Report
  • Speeding Report
  • Utilisation Report
  • Trip Report (By individual, vehicle, or time)
  • Vehicle Work Summary Report
  • Vehicle History Report
  • Alerts Report (Speeding, Geofence, Fatigue, Excess idle etc)
  • Bin Lift Report (Show Bin Lifts)

Sample of some specialised reports created for specific client types

  • Bin Lift Report (Waste Management)
  • Sweeper Report (Local Councils)
  • Liquid Flow Report (Liquid Transport company)
  • Fuel Usage / Fuel Level Report (African clients)
  • Onboard Equipment Usage Report (Mining, Construction, Excavators, Farm equipment)
  • Engine Performance and Engine Maintenance