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gps tracking solutions

Features – GPS Trackers

Through heavy investment in research and development of our products and software we can configure our solutions to deliver you intelligent GPS tracking systems customised specially for your business – giving you the competitive edge.

Features include online 24/7 real time and historic vehicle locations, trip reports, speeding alerts, geofence breaches, excess idle, trailer disengage, temperature sensor information, driver fatigue, navigation, messaging, routing and engine management data.

Our Software can provide you with:

• Vehicle tracking/fleet management, driver ID, route planning/scheduling, post trip route reporting
Driver console unit for navigation, alerts, messaging between driver and base, job dispatch and routing
• Vehicle and driver performance monitoring
• Digital fatigue management and alerting
• Electronic proof of delivery

• Alerts: G Force Meter Alert; truck sway, black box / accident reporting, speeding, harsh braking, excess idle, over revving etc.
• Communication protocols capability; satellite, next G, GSM & Hybrid
• Interface into backend ERP / fleet management software
• Man down / SOS reporting