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EZY2c GPS Tracking

Carbon Footprints – Reduce Fuel Cost With GPS Trackers

Did you know that each year fleet vehicles burn 8.9 billion gallons of fuel annually due to unnecessary idling and speeding?

With today’s rising fuel costs and environmental concerns, GPS Tracking offers a cost effective solution:

  • By accurate routing you can drastically reduce fuel costs and cut carbon emissions
  • Receive alerts immediately when excessive and wasteful vehicle idling occurs and reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • GPS Tracking will provide the evidence of how efficient or inefficient your fleet runs, so you can make informed decisions
  • By monitoring and reducing speeding you can significantly reduce fuel costs, cut emissions and improve driver safety

In a quest to curb excess idling, a rapidly growing number of fleets of varied sizes are now turning to GPS technology as the most cost-effective tool for curbing excessive idling.

For example, excessive vehicle idling not only uses excess fuel, but it also causes unnecessary vehicle wear and tear, and produces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. By effectively utilising the data and reports produced by a real-time GPS tracking system fuel costs can be drastically reduced by over 20 percent.

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