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EZY2c GPS Tracking

Improve Productivity By Implementing GPS Tracking Systems

Work smarter and eliminate inefficiencies. GPS vehicle tracking allows you to add more jobs to each workday. In our experience, companies have seen a 10-15% increase in work orders completed after implementing GPS tracking systems.

  • Increased visibility allows decisions to be made quickly and accurately saving time and labour costs
  • Improve routing efficiencies and deploy the nearest vehicle to a job or site
  • Be proactive to reduce downtime and waiting time of vehicles and accomplish more jobs in a day
  • Make it easier for everyone in the office by running reports and streamlining the workload
  • An added benefit of GPS Tracking is employees who are aware that their employer can see their location become more productive
  • Optimise the use of vehicles and efficiently complete more jobs in a day
  • Cut out wasted time and reduce communication costs by not having to call drivers to know there whereabouts
EY2c dashboard