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Supporting Communities & Enviornment

At Ezy2c we believe in supporting the communities and environments that we live and work in both Australia and abroad.

We recognise that a growing and successful community means a sustainable future for everyone. Ezy2c proudly supports a number of organisations by volunteer work, donations and service in kind.

Environment Policy

Ezy2c identifies the importance of maintaining a high standard of environmental attention in all operations and activities and maintain a balance between environmental, technical and economic objectives.

Ezy2c is committed to
  • Conducting operations in accordance with the environmental legislations, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Improving the environmental performance of operations by identifying and managing risks and by monitoring improvements.
  • Minimising environmental impact.
  • Informing our clients of our aims and communicating with the community and organisations concerning the potential environmental impact of our activities.
  • Encouraging employees, sub contractors to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and adhere to our environmental policies.

Ezy2c is committed to continuous improvement of environmental policies, planning, operations, objectives and targets.

Ezy2c proudly supports the following organisations

Khmerwoodworx (Cambodia)

Khmer Wood Worx is a division of The Iron Workshop. Amongst other things, they teach unemployed young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds general woodworking as well as wood turning and scroll sawing skills and together with, they run a social enterprise employing trained students as woodworkers, welders, wrought iron and sheet metal workers, silkscreen printers and repair and servicemen. Their aim is to expand into many other trades particularly in the building industry.

Humane Society International

HSI is the global arm of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Founded in 1991, HSI has expanded the HSUS’s program activities into Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. HSI’s Asian, Australian, and European offices, as well as offices in Costa Rica and Canada, help carry out and support field activities and programs in over 35 countries.

Our international efforts encompass relationships with the United Nations and work with various treaty and international agreements, including the World Trade Organization and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, affecting animals and their habitats. HSI works with national and jurisdictional governments, conservation NGOs, humane organizations, and individual animal protectionists to find practical, culturally sensitive, and long-term solutions to common environmental and animal problems.

HSI Australia has a particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • national and international biodiversity policy and implementation to protect habitats critical to the survival of many native species;
  • climate change, and the protection of ‘carbon sinks’ such as rainforests and areas of high biodiversity value;
  • habitat protection in Australia with the Wildlife Land Trust, a not-for-profit network of wildlife sanctuaries around Australia;
  • the “Humane Choice” food label to improve the lives of farm animals and address the unsustainable practice of intensive farming;
  • disaster relief support in developing countries to rescue stricken and abandoned animals;
  • Extinction Denied NGO grants program for animal protection and environment programs across Asia, Africa and India; and
  • national and international marine campaigns against whaling, and seeking greater protection for sharks, turtles, albatrosses and threatened fish species.

Save the Brumbies

The principle aims of Save the Brumbies Inc. are:

  • To see humane, controlled management and the abolition of shooting of wild horses in national parks and public lands Australia wide.
  • To maintain the unique genetics of the brumby for future generations.
  • To ensure no captured horses be consigned to sale yards or abattoirs.
  • To establish permanent wild horse sanctuaries as a fitting memorial to those Guy Fawkes horses that were slaughtered so cruelly. This will forever be a black mark in Australian history.
  • Where possible to run adoption programs so that the public can home one or more of these horses.
  • To see legislative changes, in line with other nations who value their wild horses, (in the US the Mustang has been protected for over thirty years) as the only viable, long term solution; thus giving the Australian Brumby protection into the future

Red Cross Blood Donations

Ezy2c actively encourage staff to donate blood, allowing staff time off to donate.  More than 25 donations are made each year from employees, potentially saving dozens of lives Australia wide.