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gps tracking solutions

About Us

Founded in 2003 and at the forefront of developing the most advanced GPS tracking solutions we continue to help thousands of commercial and government organization’s reduce their fleet’s operational costs (fuel, wages, overtime, wear & tear, communication costs) whilst increasing productivity, efficiency, security and safety, customer service and compliance.

But don’t take our word for it.

“By using Ezy2c we have gained better control of our fleet. By having up to date knowledge we can utilise vehicles more efficiently, redirecting the best vehicle when new pickups are needed, saving time and money and gaining new business. We can better satisfy our customers by keeping them well informed regarding freight arrival times, and protect our staff and assets by checking driving times and how equipment is being used and treated.”

Bill Petersen, Managing Director,
Petersen Transport

“We believe GPS tracking supplied by Ezy2c has improved the efficiency of truck scheduling within our operations. The system enables us to monitor trip times and speeds on certain road conditions.”

Brian Smith, Managing Director,
Timber Transport