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Updated Alerts Manager Module Released

Ezy2c/Fleet Logistics are excited to announce their new and improved Alerts Manager Interface available to all Ezy2c clients via the secure Ezy2c Dashboard Settings Tab.

The Alerts Manager module is a wizard that has been created to simplify the processes involved in setting up new and modifying existing pro-active alerts.

Ezy2c have a range of customized alerts that can be created to send notifications via email or SMS to an unlimited number of recipients.

Alerts such as SOS, fatigue management, rollover or sudden impact are designed to improve workforce safety.

Vehicle telemetry alerts including heavy breaking, speeding and excess idle work to maximise productivity by reducing fuel costs, maintenance costs and carbon emissions.

Service due, geo-fence breach, after hours (ignition curfew) and theft alerts are helpful business tools that protect your business assets and reputation.

Stephen Graham, Chief Information Officer for Ezy2c has stated that whilst an Alerts Manager has always been an integral component of the Ezy2c offering, this newly released update truly is “worlds best” in functionality and ease of use. The Alerts Manager has a set-up Wizard along with a detailed User Manual created by the Ezy2c Sales Team.

Stephen went on to praise the entire IT Team at Ezy2c who contributed to the new Alerts Manager Interface. For information relating to creating Alerts within your Fleet, please consult the Manual located in the Help Centre or contact your Sales Consultant.