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Smart and reliable new device is a big hit with mining and petroleum exploration sector

The launch of the robust and cost effective EZ 73 enables remote positioning of equipment and assets at affordable prices. Compact, self-powered, quick to fit, combined with a low entry cost and easy-to-use web based access, has made the EZ 73 the leader in its field in equipment and asset tracking. Innovative and cost-effective advances in satellite tracking from Ezy2c have placed the EZ 73 satellite asset tracker, at the doorstep of the mining and resources boom in Western Australia and beyond.

Configurable returns allow organisations to track and locate their gear with GPS accuracy pretty much anywhere in the world.

The base unit is being used by equipment hire firms, transport companies for their trailers, mining concerns and the petroleum exploration and production sectors. With a 3-4 year battery life, the replaceable 4 x AA batteries make this solution easy to use and flexible between different assets and applications.

Recently, the unit has been modified by a leading engineering company in Perth, Australia, Bossong Engineering, to have the ability to be RF isolated with double redundancy, meeting international standards of safety. This application has been integral to ensuring the unit is safely isolated when mining activities are using RF detonated explosives. This has enhanced the logistics capabilities of these clients without relying on guess-work as to where their assets are when needed, a time and cost saving revelation.

Steve Bossong, Managing Director, Bossong Engineering comments “The EZ 73 has enabled us to provide an affordable and reliable asset tracking solution to our clients in the Petroleum exploration and production sectors. Their need is for a robust cost effective device that enables them to track the movements of high value equipment to assure on time delivery to offshore and remote inland locations without reliance on mobile phone coverage.

The working environment provided some extraordinary challenges: · RF isolation where radio silence is required to prevent detonation of explosives. · Able to operate in a wide range of environments including open deck marine and road transport. · Able to be mounted to closed and open shipping baskets. · Capable of withstanding impact from goods being loaded into baskets and from chains and other lifting equipment. With the support of EZY2C we were able to develop a new water, dust and vibration resistant housing with dual circuit fail safe isolation system for the EZ 73. Having gained acceptance with the EZ 73 in this market we are looking forward to offering the solution to other industries with similar requirements such as the mining sector.”

Bossong Engineering has also developed a protective case for the EZ 73 capable of withstanding 2 ton impact events. This case has been adopted by clients with flat-bed trailers and other types of equipment susceptible to high impact events.

Other developments on the unit include movement reporting and ability to transmit engine hours – ideal for preventative maintenance of remote assets and billing of clients for hours used. The ability to send an alert for low fuel level, high-pressure or similar warning triggers has also been incorporated.

Ezy2c’s Global Solutions Specialist, Stuart German, stated recently; “Fleet Logistics trading as Ezy2c, acquired Omnitrack in January 2011, a leading Australian tracking organisation specialising in transport solutions of dangerous goods and exploratory applications. With a head-office in Western Australia, the acquisition is part of a strategic move to establish Ezy2c as the premier Australian tracking company. The list of high profile clients as well as access to the mining resource boom in WA has allowed Ezy2c to establish its presence in WA as well as its global export initiative, with units in territories as diverse as Zimbabwe and Mongolia. Ezy2c owns 100% of the Intellectual Property of its hardware and software, giving them the flexibility to customise to client specific needs. Leading the field in cutting edge telematics technology and safety related lone / remote worker applications has been an accepted minimum internal standard for Ezy2c.”

The EZ 73 has really showed itself to be a smart little box of tricks, working like clockwork in any environment, with measurable ROI and an inexpensive barrier to entry, allowing organisations to improve their asset management programs.