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Reduce Carbon Emissions with Ezy2c GPS Tracking

September’s UN Climate Change Summit in New York resulted in some positives, notably China for the first time agreeing to a target of reducing their carbon emission per unit of GDP by 45% by 2020 compared to their 2005 emissions. Australia’s underwhelming commitment to a 5% reduction by 2020 was met less warmly by some members, and outright vilification in some press. Slate called Australia “the dirtiest polluter in the developed world”, and eyes around the globe are becoming fixed on Australia’s business practices and carbon emissions.

At Ezy2c we believe reducing carbon emissions is important. Five separate studies have concluded that 2013’s heatwaves were caused by climate change. In discussions with companies using Ezy2c to monitor their fleet effectively, we are pleased to see that so many Australian businesses and consumers do care as much as we do about climate change. Over 60% of Australian businesses have targets in place for reducing their carbon emissions. Unfortunately only 1 in 5 Australian companies surveyed have a clear plan for how they can go about hitting these targets. That’s where Ezy2c comes in.

GPS Tracking Can Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Emissions

Being able to monitor your fleet with Ezy2c puts the power in your hands to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Monitor and Reduce Bad Driving Habits – Speeding, idling, excessive accelerating and braking are all bad habits that increase carbon emissions. Quickly identify the problem drivers in your fleet and correct their behavior, saving you money and lowering emissions.

Improve Routing – Identifying better routes or more efficient use of your vehicles will reduce carbon emissions while saving costs.

Discourage unauthorized use – GPS tracking reduces the amount of times employees employ your vehicles for their personal use.

With Ezy2c, you have measurable data you can use to quantify your carbon use, and set targets for reducing it. Easily see how your fuel bill compares to the distance your fleet has collectively travelled. Set goals for your drivers on reducing idling, or speeding, or poor routing. Finally, see the difference this has made to your bottom line, and let customers know that choosing your business is a choice for an environmentally-conscious Australian company that cares about their future and their children’s future.