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New GPS journey management technology protects companies and their remote workers

A cutting-edge product from Ezy2C is hailed as the ultimate protection for companies in complying with new occupational health and safety laws for lone and remote workers.

Called Journey Management Planner (JMP), this product was developed in response to new National Model Workplace Health & Safety Legislation that came into effect in January 2012.

These laws now stipulate that a fleet-managed vehicle is defined as a ‘workplace’, and that an employer’s duty of care extends to ensuring their remote workers have tools that guarantee effective communication. In addition, the new laws require the vehicle to be equipped with the means, where possible, to send an automated SOS in the event of an accident. The first if its kind, the JMP software is an additional feature available with Ezy2C’s Lone/Remote Worker GPS solution.

The software replaces the need for manual journey planning and works even when the vehicle is outside mobile coverage.

Supervisors can electronically plan where a worker is leaving from and where they are travelling to, as well as expected arrival times. If the worker doesn’t arrive in the allocated time, the system sends an automated alert to a primary recipient.

A second alert can be sent to a different recipient if necessary, ensuring that appropriate help is dispatched as quickly as possible.

In phase 2, the JMP solution will also allow drivers to complete an automated safety checklist before departing on their journey, to make sure they are carrying essentials such as adequate petrol, food and water.

Stuart German, State Manager, WA at Ezy2C, says that Journey Management Planner is a vital resource to help organisations fully comply with the new laws.

“Just last year, an investment in JMP could have saved a WA firm over $50,000 when two of their workers became lost without the means to raise an alarm.”

He is referring to the landmark fine imposed on a Kalgoorlie based company after two of their female employees took a wrong turn and became lost outside mobile phone range in remote bush land near Kalgoorlie. After driving for almost 24 hours, they finally stumbled across a roadhouse where they used a public telephone to call for help.

The court ruled that the company had breached their duty of care because they allowed the pair to set out for an outreach visit with a satellite phone that was broken, no maps and no GPS system. “This is an example of how easy it is for remote or lone workers to end up in dire situations and how quickly this can escalate if communication is delayed”, Mr German said.

“Equipping workers with satellite phones or mobile phones is just not good enough because there are too many things that can go wrong. Ezy2C’s Journey Management Planner takes away the chance of human error. It’s fully automated and provides an audit trail for compliance purposes so that stakeholders are protected should a situation end up in court.

“Some companies have up to 150 vehicles in their fleet, with workers all travelling to different destinations at different times. JMP gives supervisors instant notification about their workers’ safety without the need to keep track manually and without drivers having to make calls back to base. This alleviates a common headache for both drivers and their supervisors.”

Mr German describes JMP as the solution that ticks every box.

“This affordable, two-way communication system enables companies to fulfill their duty of care responsibilities thus avoiding costly consequences. But more importantly, it protects the safety of remote and lone workers in any conditions, giving them and their families peace of mind.”

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