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Modus and Ezy2c Announce Partnership to bring Insurance Telematics Solutions to Australia

Modus™, a world leading end-to-end insurance telematics solution provider and Ezy2C, one of Australia’s most respected GPS tracking and mobile resource management providers, today announced a new partnership to the innovative suite of Modus Go™ insurance telematics solutions to insurance providers and their customers throughout Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2013 Motor Vehicle Census, there were almost 17.2 million motor vehicles, including motorcycles, registered in Australia in 2013, representing an increase of 2.6% over 2012 and an increase of 12.3% since 2008. While motorcycles account for the fastest growing segment of the nation’s motor vehicle market (31.2% growth since 2008), light rigid trucks account for the second highest vehicle growth category with 24% growth in the past five years.

Since 2003, Ezy2c has been at the forefront of developing and deploying GPS tracking and mobile resource management solutions for commercial fleets. Ezy2c provides fleet managers with real-time and historic vehicle location data, trip reports, speeding alerts, geofence breeches and driver fatigue reporting, as well as vehicle performance, navigation, routing and engine management capabilities.

Modus has been developing wireless solutions, application development and logistics services to corporate enterprise, education, public service, and general business sector for over 15 years. Since 2008, Modus has been a leading full service provider of insurance telematics solutions. Modus built the first UBI product offering on CDMA networks and is one of the only vendors with national, commercial UBI deployments across all the major cellular carriers.

Modus is changing the dynamics of the automobile insurance marketplace with its Modus Go solution, which enables insurers, businesses and consumers to tap into and utilize the vast quantities of data emanating from automobiles, trucks and busses. The result is the potential to improve driver safety while providing real-time feedback to fleet managers, insurers and family on key driver and automobile metrics like speed and braking. Modus Go also integrates important safety products targeting common driving distractions like cell-phone use and programs tailored to teen drivers and their parents.

“Together Modus and Ezy2c deliver both sides of the insurance telematics equation,” said Brandon Johnson, CEO of Modus. “Ezy2c has already made GPS tracking and management a go-to technology for fleet managers who want to realize efficiency and safety improvements. Combining those capabilities with our Modus Go insurance telematics platform creates a new market dynamic where drivers and insurance companies work together to improve safety, which ultimately leads to lower costs, both human and financial.”

Fully deployed insurance telematics solutions, such as those being implemented by Modus in the United States and elsewhere, require a vast array of device, network and data management capabilities. The partnership brings these Modus capabilities to the Australian market with Ezy2c providing logistics, wireless connectivity and carrier partnerships, sales and support services.

“Many of Australia’s best known transport companies are already enjoying the improved safety and efficiencies that Ezy2c’s GSM, Next G & Satellite/Hybrid solutions bring to their day-to-day operations,” explains Ezy2c CEO, Evan Penn. “Now, with Modus Go added to our already extensive produce suite, we can provide insurance companies and individual drivers with insights into real-time driving behaviors, enhancing road safety for everyone regardless of what type of vehicle they drive.”