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GPS Monitoring Provides Useful and Valuable Data for the Waste Management Industry

Councils and waste service providers are becoming more familiar with GPS monitoring solutions and understand the benefits these powerful tools can add to their waste management teams and employees. Indeed a GPS component is normally added to most waste management tenders, so it is important to understand what is on the market and the different types of solutions available.

GPS monitoring technology has become more sophisticated and inexpensive to install and operate. The range of GPS monitoring solutions available are numerous and can be a little confusing with many different features and capabilities. So it makes sense to research the options available and work with an established provider who has an experienced team and the capability to customise the solution to your exact requirements.

Roger Ghent at a leading provider of waste management solutions says, “Proof of service is a very important tool for councils to manage their external contractors. With specific monitoring systems in place council can maximise this relationship and gain an understanding of how operations are conducted ‘LIVE’. Councils often comment on how our waste management solution gives a positive insight into the service delivery they provide their ratepayers. They can measure and monitor their runs to better balance their workloads thus providing a quantifiable structure to their operations. It also provides a safe working environment for lone workers who appreciate the addition of back to base SOS alerting.”

A lot of companies can set you up with a ‘monitoring solution’ but as many councils have discovered, to derive real benefit they need to drive the technology harder with customised and specific reports such as accurate Bin Lift reporting and Routing navigation to achieve the best results.

There are very few specific fleet / waste management systems capable of delivering this information, with the advanced tools to improve productivity, customer service and save council and third party contractors money. This is why your choice of provider is vital to your business and can have a major impact on delivering the optimum service possible.

The ability in real time to see each bin that has been emptied and lifted can help measure work productivity and resolve any complaints from residents in a speedy and amicable manner. Councils and waste contractors also face the issue of having new drivers or drivers being absent for various reasons. Having the capability to provide these new drivers with a detailed plan and route will maintain productivity, save on training costs and reduce residents complaints for missed services, which can sometimes happen in these situations.

When it comes to managing your fleet and waste management services and creating greater efficiencies throughout your organisation, there simply is not a more affordable solution than through GPS monitoring technology. This low cost solution to your management needs is an optimal way to save money, simplify training and most importantly give you the ability to monitor the safety of your employees.

Ezy2c are one of Australia’s leading GPS solutions providers, who partner with councils and waste service companies to provide a best-in-class solution to managing their fleets, services and employees effectively.