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Geo-Fencing – Easily Protect and Monitor your Key Assets

Geo-fencing is one of the most powerful features of Ezy2c’s comprehensive remote GPS tracking system. Geo-fencing allows you to create a virtual perimeter around areas of interest to your business, such as client sites, warehouses, yards, parking lots, job work sites, or indeed any other location central to your business operations. Once this area has been defined in Ezy2c’s interface, you can use it to easily monitor the activity at a particular site using the Location History Report and the unique Ezy2c Demurrage Report.

Geo-Fencing for Asset Security

Security is also one of the cases where geo-fencing’s power really shines. How about receiving an alert by email or SMS as soon as one of your vehicles enters or leaves your premises, or a zone where the vehicle should be working at all times, such as a building site? These alerts allow you to be informed immediately when it appears a vehicle could be at risk of theft – an invaluable way to keep an eye on your assets.

Setting up Geo-Fencing in Ezy2c

Ezy2c affords you a huge amount of information on your fleet, and geo-fences allow you to summarise the key points most important to you. Geo-fences therefore both increase the amount of crucial information at your fingertips while reducing the amount of time required to dissect and use it. Ezy2c’s dashboard interface makes it a breeze to add new designated areas, and you can be up and running using this powerful system in mere minutes.

Please refer to the simple manual and instructional video by selecting the Ezy2c Help Centre icon on your dashboard or call Ezy2c sales on 1300 150 500 for tips and advice on the best practice when using geo-fences.