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Ezy2c’s client base is ever expanding, with over 35 new clients joining us in the month of June alone.

As you can see from the three companies we profiled this month, Ezy2c’s clients come from all walks of life. Profiled clients include: Cheapest Load of Rubbish in Sydney, Aqueous Motion Pty Ltd in Melbourne, and Kent Paper and Packaging, also in Melbourne. Each of these companies operate in very different industries, but are all NOW able to harness the power of our unique GPS tracking solution to monitor their business in real time to deliver increased performance.

Cheapest Load of Rubbish is a leading waste removal company operating in Sydney that prides itself on clearing away a customer’s rubbish quickly, economically, and in an environmentally-friendly way. Their mission is to take away Sydney customers’ rubbish the same day they are contacted, meaning that knowing exactly where their fleet of vehicles are at all times is important to service delivery. Cheapest Load of Rubbish now uses Ezy2c’s EZ-243 tracking technology to monitor their entire fleet of waste management vehicles from a single dashboard.

Melbourne truck hire and earthworks company Aqueous Motion Pty Ltd advised they came to Ezy2c “after hearing about the excellent customer service” offered by the Australian based Help Desk team. A family-run business operating since 2009, Aqueous Motion Pty Ltd. offers excavations, earthworks, footings, pool digs, drilling and drainage, among other services. 24/7 visibility of their fleet of skid steer, excavators, and tip trucks is the main reason Aqueous Motion Pty Ltd needed GPS tracking, and they advised that the fact that Ezy2c uses Google Maps as its map interface has made the learning curve of using the powerful system very short.

Kent Paper and Packaging came on board with Ezy2c because they were looking to offer their customers the very best service possible. For 60 years, Kent Paper and Packaging has been the No. 1 packaging supply company in Sydney, delivering every type of packaging supplies from bags, napkins and cups, to party supplies, cling film and cutlery. Kent Paper and Packaging rightly saw Ezy2c as an opportunity to increase customer service by reducing delivery times. They especially like the ability to advise customers exactly when to expect their delivery, offering a more personal service.

Ezy2c are proud to welcome all of our new clients on board, and look forward to helping them improve profitability and deliver excellent customer service well into the future.