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Ezy2c’s Advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking System Helps Catch Van Thief

An Adelaide car thief picked the wrong van to steal earlier this week – the van was one of many in the area equipped with Ezy2c’s renowned vehicle tracking system, allowing the owners and the police to monitor exactly where the thief was taking the van at all times, meaning he was quickly apprehended.

Van Thief Never Stood a Chance

Ezy2’c GPS tracking software shows that the van, owned by Scott Mofflin of Infront Electrical, was stolen from Northgate, Adelaide, at 6:12am, where it had been sitting in the driveway of one of his electrician’s homes. The theft was discovered after 20 minutes, but in normal circumstances the van thief – who is said to be a convicted criminal out on parole – would have been clear and dry.

Mr Mofflin immediately called the police, and using Ezy2c’s software he could see on a map in real-time exactly where the van was going and was able to relay that information to the police. The thief, unbeknownst to him, was broadcasting his location at all times.

The police narrowed in on the van thief easily thanks to Mr Mofflin’s directions, and when the unlucky thief tried to make a break for it on foot he was easily collared.

Advanced Vehicle Tracking System

Ezy2C’s GPS monitoring system allows businesses to monitor the location of their entire fleet of vehicles and even set up automated alarms if something is amiss. It has clearly been a good investment for Infront Electrical, who were able to recover their vehicle and help make the streets of Adelaide safer for everyone.

The theft and subsequent impressive recovery was featured on 7 News Adelaide, Nine News Adelaide & Ten News. Mr Mofflin advised that with the smart purchase of Ezy2C’s GPS monitoring he has saved thousands of dollars in what would have been lost productivity, increased insurance premiums, and potential lost business. The system has already paid for itself many times over in increased productivity, as Mr Mofflin is able to keep track of his entire vehicle fleet at the touch of a button.

For more information on the robbery and screenshots of the robber’s route through Adelaide as tracked by Ezy2C, see Ezy2C’s Facebook page.