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Ezy2c Supports the Just Teaching Cambodian Empowerment Initiative

As a socially responsible modern company, Ezy2c works hard to find ways in which our business can be efficient, be a force for corporate good, and help the developing world with philanthropic projects. Working at the forefront of technology in Australia, we are often presented with opportunities to reduce, recycle and reuse, and one of the projects that we are actively engaged with is our work with Just Teaching.

Just Teaching is a not-for-profit organization that provides schools, teaching and equipment to children in Cambodia who cannot afford it. Tech Recyclers ( is the sister organization founded by Ezy2c’s owner, Evan Penn, that collects discarded Australian IT equipment (laptops and mobile phones in particular) – much of it that now seems useless to the original owner – and puts it to great use as technological learning tools for Cambodian children through the Just Teaching initiative.

Education is the single most powerful way to lift a poverty-stricken country from its knees, empowering the citizens to take control of their own destiny., through free computer classes, building new schools and offering English lessons, is offering not temporary solutions, but a means for children in Cambodia to escape the cycle of depravity and hopelessness. It has already had great success – check out their website for more information.

Ezy2c’s owner, Evan Penn, has long been a strong supporter of the Just Teaching organization, and through has been purchasing old computer equipment and sending it to where it can be put to best use. We are proud of how many lives we have been able to affect, and how many we are continuing to help as we continue to support the Just Teaching initiative.

Now, we invite all of our valued customers to think about the disposal of their equipment, and whether it could be refurbished or fixed and used to offer these deserving children a bright new future. You can contact us here at Ezy2c, and we’ll be delighted to put you in touch with the right people. It won’t cost you a penny, and you’ll be potentially saving lives just by donating your old equipment to a worthwhile cause.