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Ezy2c Grows Internationally

Ezy2c’s success in Australia has led to a natural overseas expansion strategy, which includes numerous countries in Asia and Africa. According to Ezy2c CEO, Evan Penn, “We were finding that many of our Australian clients are using our products in their overseas offices.”

“As an example we have installed our GPS Tracking system in a mining company in Kalgoorlie, however their operation in Mongolia picked up the system. Or we installed at a logistics company in Sydney who also have offices in South Africa that use the Ezy2c solution.”

The greatest number of devices sold outside of Australia has been via the partnership with Zimbabwe tracking company Ezytrack.

Grant Weare from Ezytrack states, “It has been the close working relationship between our companies that has been a key ingredient in our outstanding success. We are now selling the full range of Ezy2c products including the Satellite Hybrid devices.”

Sales have now been made to a number of countries near by to Zimbabwe, including Zambia and Mozambique.

“The main driver for tracking technology in Africa has traditionally been security”, adds Weare, “however many organisations are yielding a lot more from the product than they expected, including productivity benefits and saving money on fuel bills.”

Managing Director and founder of Ezy2c, Rick Firth explains, “The breadth of our product offering, value for money and simplicity of use is what GPS Tracking customers want, no matter where the company is domiciled.”

“Our key difference in overseas markets is that we support our partners as though they were part of our core business. We now have resellers in Papua New Guinea and parts of the Middle East,” adds Firth.

The benefits of GPS tracking are experienced in every country. Whilst Europe is a sophisticated, mature market, there are opportunities in developing nations.

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