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Ezy2c GPS Tracking – Helps you Go Green and Save Money

Do you know what your business’ carbon footprint is? Or what your greenhouse gas emissions are? A recent survey from The Economist found the majority of Australian firms believe a carbon price will benefit their business in some way, and most are taking action to reduce their carbon footprint.

More than two-thirds of firms have specific, measurable targets for reducing carbon footprints and improving overall energy usage. Some have already started capitalising on these opportunities. More than one-third of respondents have created dedicated teams to identify “green” products or services.
However, 50% of Australian companies could be doing more. While many companies have developed thorough, holistic strategies, others’ efforts are rudimentary. For example, only 21% of respondents claim to have pushed a clearly defined carbon reduction program through their entire supply chain. Many agree that a long-term strategic approach is needed for changing mindsets and business practise.

The benefits for going green exist in simple solutions and easy to implement green programs.

For businesses with a mobile workforce, improving vehicle management using flexible and affordable GPS solutions is the first place to start.

“There’s a huge gap between the innovative firms and the laggards”, observes Ben McNeil a senior fellow at the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.
This disparity can be easily rectified for every organisation with a modest investment that actually saves money and increases efficiencies throughout your mobile business. GPS Tracking Solutions are easy to install and allow you to have full visibility of your mobile workforce.

Why GPS Solutions make Going Green Easy
This guide explains how using GPS systems can reduce your operating costs while providing the evidence of the improvements that can be made with green measures such as reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. We discuss several key aspects of your environmental responsibility and how this will impact your business including:
– Why taking the necessary steps to become environmentally sustainable makes great business sense for your company’s long-term future.

– How having critical vehicle activity data whilst using a GPS Tracking Solution can not only cut fuel, staff overtime, vehicle maintenance and other related costs, but also provides an affordable and quick solution for going green

– Let your customers know that you are taking full responsibility for cutting carbon emissions and have actively made progress in going green.

– How to measure the green performance of your entire fleet of vehicles

The Benefits of your Fleet Going Green
Cut Costs and Going Green
Let’s take two companies in the same sector and of a similar size. They both offer the same products and both maintain high standards of customer service, you would think there is little competitive advantage one could have over their competitor?

Well green companies using GPS Tracking solutions consume fewer resources and therefore spend less on capital assets, fuel and regulatory fees and legislation. Service companies with a mobile workforce constantly on the road spend less time and money by deploying efficient routing, lower excess idling and regular and timely vehicle maintenance.

The competitive advantage is huge and cumulative and can be the difference between profit and loss and staying competitive in the marketplace.
5 Easy Steps to Saving Money & Going Green
1. Monitor and Improve Fuel Efficiency
Bad driving habits such as excess idling, harsh braking, speeding and excessive acceleration exact a heavy toll on a vehicles performance and fuel efficiency. From the data provided by GPS Tracking solutions and regular maintenance, you can quickly identify which vehicles are performing better or worse than others and discover the reason why and eradicate any bad driving practises if necessary.
2. Improve Routing
GPS Tracking systems allow you to better plan and monitor your mobile workforce’s routes. By having the ability to see the big picture you can easily dispatch the nearest driver to an urgent job and route them more effectively. You save time and money and your customers have confidence in your ability to deliver every time. By cutting out these inefficiencies you are drastically improving your carbon footprint.
3. Eliminate Bad Driving Practices
The environmental impact of bad driving practises as well as your fuel costs can easily be reduced by utilising GPS Vehicle Tracking. Speeding and excess idling can be curbed with specific real-time alerts sent to head office and simultaneously to the driver warning them about their driving behaviour. This can help change bad driving practises immediately and improve vehicle and fuel performance.
4. Maintain Vehicle Performance
A consistent vehicle maintenance program ensures that vehicles are running at optimal efficiency. The Ezy2c Engine Management System allows you to compare data across different vehicles to proactively manage engine performance indicators and reduce maintenance cost and extend the life of your fleet.
5. Reduce Unauthorised Use & Save on Fuel Costs
Many companies provide their drivers certain levels of personal use, however when these benefits are exceeded the costs can add up quickly.

GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions provide the ability to set alerts for vehicle activity outside of business hours. Addressing these issues with your employees can eliminate fuel consumption that provides no value to your company and can have a negative impact on the environment.
Measuring Green Improvements
As Governments require more efficient use of carbon fuels from businesses, record keeping will become essential for compliance. Changing employee and company culture requires setting targets / goals and assigning accountability. GPS Tracking Solutions can positively impact and help prioritise the efforts needed to measure your green initiatives.
Setting and Acting on Benchmarks
To measure your progress you need to set appropriate benchmarks and then act on the results. Typical benchmarks you can set and measure and then compare against your green metrics include:

– How prevalent is speeding?

– How much is your fuel bill compared to the kilometres travelled?

– How many times is excess idling occurring and what is the target for reduction?

– How inefficient are your business routes and emergency dispatching?
Understanding Green Metrics and Presenting the Results
Improving your green credentials will not only reduce your carbon footprint but it will have a positive impact on your bottom line. By measuring and testing how your benchmarks are performing you can quickly identify areas that need to be addressed and can set out to change areas of the business that are performing badly against your green targets.

The cumulative effect of incremental improvements in driver behaviour, vehicle performance and smart route planning will start to show you the difference GPS Tracking solutions can make to your business profits and green initiatives.