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Embracing GPS tracking technology will save lives

Trucking magnate Lindsay Fox called for mandatory ‘black box’ technology to be installed in all trucks, during an interview on A Current Affair. Speaking with Ray Martin, the fleet owner said he is driven by a desire to create safety on the freeways and believes that ‘black box’ or GPS tracking technology has an important role to play when it comes to reducing accidents involving trucks.

“From my point of view, (on board black boxes) would mean we’d have hardly any issues,” Fox said.

His call for action is echoed by police and transport authorities across Australia who are looking for ways to improve road safety for all road users.

Time to reduce the road toll

Today there are more than 400,00 trucks on the road, and despite the fact that most truck drivers are highly skilled, the fact remains that there are five Australians killed every week as a result of truck crashes. In New South Wales, trucks are over represented when it comes to road fatalities. Trucks make up seven per cent of the motor vehicles on the road, yet account for 20 per cent of fatal crashes, half of which are run-off-road crashes.

Certainly speeding accounts for some of these accidents, but another reason that trucks appear to be involved in a higher number of crashes can be attributed to drivers falling asleep at the wheel. It seems that all too often the pressure on drivers to deliver their load within very tight timeframes, puts not only the driver’s life at risk, but other lives as well.

That’s where ‘black box’ or GPS tracking technology can help and why Fox wants every truck in Australia to have a “locked black box”.

The technology is designed to not only monitor speed, but to offer vital real-time fleet management capabilities that provide up to date information on time and distances travelled and routes taken.

Industry supports GPS tracking

Speaking in response to the ACA feature, a spokesman from Woolworths said that the company supports the use of telematics and other technologies that deliver improved transport safety outcomes, confirming that the majority of the Woolworths fleet, including all of its metropolitan trucks, are already equipped with GPS tracking .

Competitor Coles also takes safe transport practices very seriously.

“We believe that ‘black box’ technology installed in Australian freight trucks could help improve driver and road safety, and we would support any industry moves down this path,” the organisation’ spokesman said.

Innovative and affordable solutions

GPS tracking solutions provider, Ezy2c, has been working closely with the heavy vehicle tracking industry since the late 1990s. The team at Ezy2c are pioneers in developing innovative and affordable GPS tracking solutions that add value to any transport business.

Today, the technology is relatively inexpensive and, according to CEO Evan Penn, many of Australia’s best known transport companies are already enjoying the improved safety and efficiencies that that Ezy2c’s GSM, Next G & Satellite/Hybrid solutions bring to their day-to-day operations.

“Our GPS Tracking Solutions make it easy for our customers to put in place solid practices around fleet safety, protecting your employees as well as limiting your own liability. Combined with the huge boosts obtainable in productivity, client visit numbers and reductions in overtime you can enjoy substantial savings and immediate results,” he says.

“Best of all, our reporting capabilities can even schedule maintenance and servicing of their vehicles. It all adds up to a safer workforce, improved efficiencies and better customer service.”

For more information about Ezy2c’s range of GSM, Next G & Satellite/Hybrid tracking solutions visit