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Case Study: Bunzl Australasia

As a leading specialist supplying non-food consumable items across Australasia, Bunzl’s business relies on prompt service delivery. A company with a history that goes back over 150 years, Bunzl operates in 23 countries and has more than 13,000 employees.

With 63 locations and over 1200 employees in Australia alone, the logistics of monitoring Bunzl’s fleet of delivery vehicles is no small order. Bunzl also has a significant outsourcing business, allowing customers to outsource the purchase, consolidation and distribution of non-food consumable items. This poses its own challenges in monitoring sub-contractor vehicles working exclusively for Bunzl, ensuring that service quality is to the level that Bunzl customers have come to expect.

Bunzl was looking for a GPS tracking solution that could monitor their extensive fleet of delivery vehicles Nationally to rule out duplication of service, correct inefficiencies in daily routes, as well as monitor driver behaviour. With Bunzl’s business growing rapidly in Australia, the company was looking to partner with a GPS tracking solution that could continue to grow with their business.

Ezy2c was the clear choice, with our extensive experience in the Australian market and complete range of hardware options for large trucks, smaller delivery vehicles, and passenger vehicles. Bunzl chose Ezy2c as their exclusive GPS tracking system not just for the stability and durability of our GPS hardware, but also for the software that backs up the system.

Bunzl uses the customized customer dashboard to navigate the wide array of useful real-time date on their fleet provided by Ezy2c, and have advised that the ease of use of the system was a significant factor in choosing Ezy2c for their entire operations.

Darren Bonney, National Transport Manager from Bunzl said ”being able to run reports that highlight potential issues with daily inefficiencies, driver error, or overlap of service is allowing Bunzl to run their fleet of delivery vehicles and subcontractors with improved efficiency, improving their overall service levels, and increasing our customer satisfaction.

Bunzl is also pleased with the training and after-sales support offered by Ezy2c to their staff distributed across the country, and Ezy2c have been very happy to be a part of their success story as they continue to go from strength to strength in Australasia.