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GPS tracking solutions for any industry

Discover Australias most dynamic GPS tracking and reporting solutions at an affordable price, with a proven return on investment

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Where Are My Staff?

Where have they been? Time on site? How did they get there?

Increase Efficiency

Know exactly where your team is and where they’ve been with real time GPS tracking

Cut Costs

Big Fuel Bills? Increase productivity, accurate time sheets, improve vehicle utilization

Workplace Safety

Improve driver performance, gain peace of mind for at risk lone workers

Asset Management

Get real time tracking & reminders to monitor vehicle misuse, reduce theft, schedule repairs


A global leader with an international client base, EZY2C provides the most advanced GPS tracking and reporting solutions at an affordable price. As a SME or a large Corporation you can efficiently manage your mobile workforce and get immediate ROI. Our GPS Tracking systems is considered one of the most reliable in the world; track your fleet, operations and employees to improve productivity, costs (fuel & labor), customer service, workforce performance and safety (fatigue, remote and lone workers), response times, invoicing and theft recovery. GPS Tracking provides location, unlimited history, engine diagnostics, reports, real time alerts, routing and messaging.

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