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Safetcell Customised GPS Software

SafeTcell is a customised Ezy2c software application designed to run on mobile phones using a unique reporting algorithm.

SafeTcell acquires its positions according to the angle you are going, the speed you are going and the distance you have gone. All of these are combined to provide an accurate picture of your current location which is then replicated on the user friendly Ezy2c dashboard.


  • View ‘live’ on Ezy2c Dashboard location of all handsets utilising Google Maps
  • Adjustable reporting intervals which may be set using the handset
  • Clock in clock out function
  • SOS alerting
  • Set and Save Geo Fences from handset
  • Power save function
  • Suite of reports including All Positions, Speeding, Handset Snapshot Trail

Typical applications

Used by organisations with large or small sales forces that are already utilising mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, thereby negating the need to purchase further GPS tracking hardware.

Typical Clients

Organisations with sales personnel, service technicians or contractors.