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Ez-263H / 273H Nextg Hybrid GPS Trackers

The EZ 263H / 273H are Hybrid versions of the 200 Series hardware. These devices use the mobile phone network (GPRS or NextG) where available to report data first, but when they are out of coverage areas, the device automatically switches to report through the iridium Satellite network. It will then switch back to cellular data transfer when back within coverage.


These devices feature all attributes of their parent 200 Series devices with the addition of a satellite communication module. These state of the art devices have a fully customisable set up for reporting data when out of mobile phone coverage which reduces satellite communication costs.

Typical Applications

The 200 Series Hybrid devices are generally partnered with in vehicle and pendant SOS buttons giving users the Ultimate Lone Worker Safety Solution. It is also used by organisations with remote workers travelling out of mobile phone range as an OH&S solution for the safety of lone workers.


Typical Clients

Organisations with remote workers such as government departments, public utility organisations, logging contractors, transport companies, farmers and regional businesses with lone workers.

Remote Coverage

Vehicle History Report

Tech Specs

  • Hybrid GPRS and Satellite GPS Tracking Device (EZ263H)
  • Hybrid NextG and GPS Tracking Device (EZ273H)
  • Truly global coverage
  • Cost optimised satellite data compression
  • Variable reporting Intervals
  • Selectable reporting options
  • SOS alerting options available
  • Variable ignition options, including keyed ignition and movement based ignition
  • Intelligent command set, can be controlled via website or sms
  • Tamper Alerts including SIM card tampering, being unplugged, case tampering, input voltage changes and GPS antenna removed
  • Multiple alert message options including SMS and email
  • Multiple sending options
  • Multiple digital inputs
  • Internal relay for vehicle immobilisation
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • High sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Power input from 8V DC to 40V DC
  • Internal 1600mAh Li-Ion back up battery