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Z4- Hardwired Nextg Tracking Device

The Z-4 is a hardwired NextG GPS tracking device which can easily be installed into any passenger vehicle, truck or heavy and light plant.

The Z-4 allows you to monitor driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking, excess cornering, rapid acceleration and excess idling with a built in accelerometer.

The Z-4 can host up to four optional accessories, such as driver ID, an SOS button or monitoring inputs such as PTO for businesses requiring a ‘feature enhanced’ tracking solution.

The Z-4 is a functionally advanced yet affordable solution to gain visibility of your vehicles in real time on your PC, Tablet and Smart Phone with no installation fees.

The Z-4 enables you to run history reports to view where your fleet have been, their travel route, how long they were on-site and their arrival and departure times. With this new insight brings the ability to provide proof to clients’ queries and verify staff time sheets which results in an increase in staff productivity – reducing unnecessary labour and fuel costs.

Z-4 Optional Accsessories
Alerts for Z-4
  • Live Location Up-Dates (every minute)
  • Google Mapping & Imagery
  • Time Sheet Verification Report
  • Driver Behaviour Reports & Alerts
  • Fleet Summary Report
  • Client Frequency Report
  • Productivity Reports
  • Custom Trigger Reports (optional)
  • FBT Reports (optional)
  • Services Due Report & Alerts
  • Speeding Report
  • Automated Email Reporting
  • Visual ‘Cookie Trail’ Reports
  • FBT Reporting
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Visual Trigger Report (optional)
  • Smart Phone Friendly
  • Driver Identification
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Remote Vehicle Immobilisor
  • In vehicle ‘Dash Mount’ SOS Button
  • Remote Vehicle lock
  • Speeding
  • Excess Idle
  • Tamper
  • Service Due
  • Vehicle Voltage Low
  • Ignition Curfew
  • Harsh Braking
  • Excess Cornering
  • Excess Acceleration
  • Geo-Fence Enter
  • Geo-Fence Exit
  • Geo Fence Speeding

EZY2C Dashboard

Vehicle Work Summary Report

Trip Report